11 Can’t Miss Tips to ‘Write My Dissertation’

It is dissertation time! You may be spending most of the time in your dorm or room. You must have forgotten how bright the sunlight usually is. You are on a mission. Yes, completing a dissertation is no less than a mission. Until you submit the 20,000-word spiral-bound paper on the desk of the examiner, you cannot breathe a sigh of relief.  Owing to its significance in academics, we understand how difficult it is to arrange a massive task like a dissertation in one place. But employing the following tips will ease your dissertation journey. Read these tips closely to help yourself get through the process easily.

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Let’s start!

1.   Don’t hesitate to change your supervisor

Your supervisor has not responded to you in weeks. Whenever you talk about arranging a meeting, he is busy. He is not active in the research. These are few signs that you require a divorce from your supervisor. Many students fear to deal with this situation because they have to repeat the whole process yet again. It is advisable that before swapping supervisor, talk to your current supervisor and discuss your issues. If things are not resolved, you need to inform your department regarding this and undergo several steps to change your supervisor. If the reason is valid, your department shall not have any problem.

  • What students mainly look for in a supervisor: famous among peers, free time to provide.
  • What they should actually look for: approachable, reliable, success rate and ability to provide detailed feedback.

 2.   Do not discuss it with your friends, family and neighbors

Dissertation itself arouses interest in those who are not associated with dissertation writing. Naturally, your family, friends and neighbors will be deeply interested in your dissertation writing topic. They will often bother you by asking what it is about and expect you to give an impressive answer. So it stays better if you don’t discuss your dissertation topic with someone who is not associated with writing. It releases you from unwanted questioning.

3.   Make the best use of technology

With the advent of new technologies, students can carry out a massive task with a just finger touch. Numerous apps have been introduced to make academic writing easier for the students. Trello is the most popular among them. It is a project management tool (that can be downloaded on your smartphone). It mainly helps the students to create boards where students can arrange their assignments, deadlines and ideas for future reference. Many apps like Trello are available on the internet. You just need to type your requirements on the search engines and there you have a solution. Thanks to the revolution in the educational sector, students now can have virtual advisor while writing a dissertation. Use keywords like write my dissertation, help with my dissertation etc to avail expert help with dissertation writing.

4.   Create a checklist

Needless to say, the dissertation is a massive project that cannot be controlled easily. You need to handle thousands of things and millions of things popping in the mind. It is near impossible to keep track of everything. Only Superman can do that. So being a normal human being, you can make a checklist to ease things for you. Here you can use a mobile app which can be revised any time of the day. For example, you are in a lecture and you need to make a note of something related to your dissertation, you can utilize this app.

5.   Organize your data

How are you going to read the mountain of data that coming in your way? Download PDFs, they are best while you need to include notes in the resource itself. Do not think too much about note taking. Yes, it is a must-have tool for dissertation writing. But one needs to worry less about how notes are taken, instead of worrying about how they end up. Another useful tip for organizing your data is buy a cheap digital camera and keep it handy while going on your library tours. Use file cabinet to sort your data and label them according to dissertation chapters.

6.   Find an ideal place for dissertation writing

We understand how much you love to stay in your room with your pets, TV and comfortable bed. But it is hard to concentrate while having so many distractions around you. You start procrastinating. If things are not working, this means you have to change the study place and find a place that, of course, is quiet and comfortable for working. Library can be an ideal place for working on your dissertation. With all the books around, you feel motivated to work. Keep your cell phone in silent mode, best if you can turn it off. It will minimize the distractions.

7.   Ask for help whenever required

We understand how hard it is for graduate students to succeed in dissertation writing. Having spent the past few months, one thing they clearly know that it is a nearly impossible task for them. The failure to communicate properly with the supervisor and faculty adds burden to the task. Advisers assume that delays are due to the complexity of the task, whereas the writers are struggling with writing and resistance. Sometimes advisers’ efforts do not reach to the students and students sometimes, fail to ask for help. But with the advent of technology, students now can easily avail help within few seconds. Numerous students from various parts of the world are now interested in taking online expert help. Placing keywords like, ‘write my dissertation for me’ or ‘write my dissertation proposalcan take you to a few online writing companies.

8.   Get a dissertation buddy

Find a colleague who is willing to support you. In UK, you can find many dissertation communities which connect one student to another and make sure they get needed assistance. You and colleague can hold each other accountable by keeping daily track of the number of words you write in your respective dissertations. Although you and colleague are dealing with different subjects, you can share your ideas, thoughts, references with each other to ensure that planning or developing a dissertation are going in the right direction. You can help your partner to check if his or her planning is realistic and achievable and vice-versa.

9.   Keep back-ups for everything

Many students concentrate on collecting data and leave the writing part for the last moment. When your research work is ready, you need to roll. Once you have started, it gets easier and easier. But remember not to strain yourself beyond your capability. Winter break is considered as the best time to work on your dissertation when your friends would go visiting their parent, you could lock yourself in the room and work on your dissertation. But do not forget to take a break in the intervals to rejuvenate yourself.

10. Stay healthy

Researching, taking notes, organizing data, and moreover, attending lectures and seminars crowd students’ daily schedule, whereas students get a little time to look after themselves. Family and friends get worried because they see little of you. We understand dissertation writing brings immense pressure to your life. But you need to strike a balance between your academic life and personal life. Don’t tell them you are too busy to meet them. Do not start your day without having breakfast, often exercise to de-stress your body muscles. Take healthy snacks like fruits, whole-wheat crackers, hardboiled egg, etc. and drink water in sufficient amount to hydrate yourself.

11. Do not aim for perfection

The search for perfection is one of the fastest routes to unhappiness. Perfection is like a mirage that keeps you under the impression that you underperformed which makes you disappointed and latter frustrated. So replace perfection with contentment. Imagine how happy you would be if you know your actions count. It is crucial to take actions to make things happen in your life, but you don’t need to be obsessed with perfection. So next time you are going for perfection, take a step back and think is it necessary to chase after perfection.

We have covered the best practices of completing a dissertation within desired time period. We hope these tricks will get you desired results and help you attain dissertation goals. Take out few minutes from your schedule and read these tips to make your dissertation journey easier.

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