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Online Dissertation Help: 17 Habits to Survive Dissertation Writing

You don’t need an article, journal or tutorial to tell you that dissertation is the most overwhelming, intimidating task you will ever come across. You will be, at times, over-anxious, even thinking about throwing the computer out of the window and join the circus. But you cannot match the joyful feeling of completing a dissertation with anything.

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To experience the joyous feeling, first you need to overcome few hurdles during the process of dissertation writing. Scared already? Hurdles and rejection are part of dissertation writing, but you can avoid these obstacles tactfully if you adopt these following habits.

  1. 1.   Be a good decision maker

Becoming ‘victim’ of your own schedule is easy. Many students commit something before they start the whole process. Some may create a schedule and pledge to stick to it no matter what happens, but in the end, they mostly go against the schedule. The reason is many students juggle family commitments, jobs and social activities that consume their time profoundly. It might seem like you need to cut back the hours of sleep and exercise in order to keep up with your schedule. Here you need to make some crucial decisions that will help you meet your ambitious deadline.

  1. 2.   Make sure the goals are flexible

You should have the courage and flexibility to adjust deadlines according to your recent requirement. Like unexpected things happen often and when it happens, you should be prepared for that. If you have already set deadline, you should be able to move things around without scraping the entire schedule.

  1. 3.   Put email and social media on diet

It is habitual that you begin your day by checking and replying to emails and text messages. You are actually prioritizing other’s work. Here’s what happens, when you reply to a message or mail, you are likely to get a response from the recipient, and eventually it will be more work for you. This is a simple prioritizing technique. Make your dissertation writing a priority during the working days because emails and messages can wait until you are done with the dissertation writing for the day.

  1. 4.   Ask for feedback, early and often

The sooner you get an assessment from your dissertation committee, the smoother your editing process will go. Most students prefer getting feedback only after they start writing a chapter, but it is important that you sit with your advisor with just a rough draft of a chapter and find out if it works. Moreover, you can send a separate chapter if someone is willing to read it. This will not only prevent feelings of isolation as you write, but also help you stay connected with the dissertation committee and other writers.

  1. 5.   Make sure you handle feedback well

There are times when you don’t actually need criticism, but someone encouraging who back your ideas. The lowest moment while drafting is receiving negative feedback on a chapter. You may roam and think that you are worthless. So you need to determine whether you really need criticism, no matter how constructive it is. Knowing the kinds of feedback you need is important on a project like this.

  1. 6.   Break down long-term goals in short-term milestones

One of the challenges that graduates counter is that their deadlines are 6 months or 9 months away, and they have little idea how they will allocate their time and be right on the track of thesis writing. In fact, they feel so overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task that they become uninterested in making any progress. As the deadline approaches, they start working for unreasonable long hours that mostly lead them to insomnia, depression and exhaustion. As a consequence, they put up low-quality work in the end. With the supervisor’s help, break down the work in smaller chunks that can be easily achievable within a few days and a week. Use a timeline to determine whether you are on right on the track.

  1. 7.   Identify three most important results that you would like to achieve each day

Once you have short-term milestones, it is easier for you to decide which three accomplishments you want would be most important to complete. The idea is to take one step at a time and raise your confidence bar. Having a clear picture of your end result before you even initiate the task will significantly boost your focus and keep you motivated throughout the task. It is also important for you to remember that you may not accomplish three tasks, but picturing yourself where you want to reach at the end of the day will seemingly boost your chances of success.

  1. 8.   Find out the expectations of the dissertation committee

Find out what the writing committee expects from you. To do that, engage yourself in reading dissertations completed by students. Ask the committee members often what kind of expectations they have for your project, what kind of sources and footnotes you should use, how they feel is the structure of the chapters, headings and more. Knowing the expectations will help you in fulfilling them effectively.

  1. 9.   Create a productivity cycle

To become more productive, you need to structure your day so that you can find alignment with your productivity cycle. When you plan your days, categorize your work in main sections, major (writing the dissertation, researching on the dissertation topic) minor (paying bills and scheduling appointment with the advisor). Most of us are productive in the morning, so you should start your day by accomplishing major tasks. If you like to be a night owl, get your minor work done during the day and leave the important work for the night when your creativity is at peak.

  1. 10.             Taking break is like breathing

Do not let dissertation writing consume your life. You need to quit the guilty feeling when you are not working on the thesis. Taking a break at intervals is important for personal happiness. You need to take a break and recharge your batteries at some point. There will be times when you require devoting your energy elsewhere. It is important for you to understand taking breaks from dissertation will happen, and you need to accept it naturally without feeling guilty.

  1. 11.             Creativity does not come handy

Did you notice most creative ideas come when you are not on the desk? Our brain functions very peculiarly, it mostly turns on when it is not actively focused on the problem. It becomes engaged when you are away from the problem. Suddenly you will see a new perspective and insight that had never occurred to you. But one big mistake we all make is to check messages and mail while not working. Unfortunately, this brain function does not turn on when you are glued to the computer screen. If you wish to give your creativity a chance, you need to take regular breaks even for just 15 minutes.

  1. 12.             Stop making excuses

You have million reasons not to start writing today like your back hurts, you have jobs to apply to, your computer is acting funny, the stars are not in the right position, but you surely have one good reason to start writing now. And you should go by it. Sitting down to write when it seems it is most unlikely to you is the only way to get things done within pre-planned schedule. But when it appears impossible to you, you may need a break from it.

  1. 13.             Carry a pen and notebook

As the deadline approaches, you will inevitably spend a large portion of the day for working and thinking about it. So you always need to be ready to capture your creative thoughts that will either strengthen your argument or help you find shortcuts to finish your dissertation. Carry a notebook and pen with you especially when you are not at the desk. You can also keep this notebook as you write to note down any ideas that pop into your mind so you can attend them after finishing writing it rather than feeling compelled to attend those right away.

  1. 14.             Negotiate requirements for graduation with your advisor

Does you advisor keep adding new requirements to your do-to-list, so no matter how hard you try, it is always not enough. If you are feeling exhausted fulfilling the never-ending list of demands, you should consider talking to your dissertation committee members to clarify what exactly you need to do to fulfill the requirements of dissertation writing. During the meeting, focus only on the problem, do not let your emotions drive you.

  1. 15.             Celebrate accomplishment as you go

It is important that you save time to appreciate the milestones as you go. Finish a page? Have a cookie. Finish a chapter? Go get a beer. Working with tough data? Take the rest of the night off. Find places to do something enjoyable.

  1. 16.             Nurture your mind and body conditionally

What about taking care of yourself during the mundane days when you do make little or no progress at times? If you take out 15 minutes of your routine for exercising, it will boost your productivity and self-confidence immensely. In reality, you are working full-time, have a family and writing a dissertation, you probably have no spare time to invest in exercising. At the minimum, take a 20-minutes stroll in your campus. Finally, when it comes to your mind, nurture it by surrounding yourself by positive people. A supportive population (either formally through your university dissertation committee or informally through friends or classmates or professionally from online dissertation help services) can give needed emotional support that helps you last through few weeks and months of dissertation writing.

  1. 17.             Know that you can do it

You need to make yourself clear that you can do this. Staying positive is the key to completing the degree. Remember, the overwhelming feeling after completing the task is immense. You will do great after all.

To summarize, remember that being productive does not define rearranging schedule whenever you mess it up. You will be productive only when you manage your energy and stay focused during your working hours. These are the most crucial components of dissertation writing. Remember you are a human being, you will make mistakes and take wrong decisions after all, but what is more significant is how you make those wrong decisions into right ones.

Dissertation Help UK: 23 Tips to Finish Dissertation Quickly and Easily

It’s a myth that dissertation writing takes years to complete. In reality, it does not if you find the right strategies to get organized and speed up the process. So here we have compiled a list of suggestions to help you overcome various physical, intellectual and emotional hurdles on your path to attaining a degree. We understand that every individual has different perspectives and a distinct way to carry out a work. Keeping this in mind, we have put up few most effective tips that seemingly work on everyone.

Dissertation writing help

1.   Start early with the process

If you start early with writing a dissertation, you will ultimately achieve a better project progress relative to the time you invest. Moreover, it is also true that better writing and motivation comes early in the program. To keep yourself on a writing schedule for large projects, you might want to employ automated deadline calendar that ensures that you stick to your pre-planned timeline.

2.   Learn to be a super-skim

Skimming is an art. If you master the art of doing skimming, remember you will cut down the invested time in half. How to do skimming? It is very easy if you understand the following steps.

  • Size-up what you are reading:

Ask yourself the following questions,

  1. What do you already know about the author, his/her work? What is your take on the views of the author(s)?
  2. How recently the work was published? Will you use it as an example of the latest cutting-edge researchers’ work or as a benchmark for the 20 years of research?
  3. Have you gone through other’s perspective of the text?
  4. What is the main point of the text?
  • Figure out how much text fits in your overall goals:

You may build the thesis on the work of the author and extend it further with evidence to make your unique contribution. You need to know how relevant the text is and also determine how much time you need to spend on the text.

  • Determine which sections to read slowly, quickly and skip entirely:

After determining the relevancy of the text, you should be able to decide which chapters and sections of a book or article are relevant to the overall goals and which ones you can skip entirely. Therefore, you can avoid reading unnecessary chapters.

  • Know your degree program requirements:

Create a list of the program requirements and check each requirement off after completing it. Pay attention to the items that are only to be done at intervals. Moreover, keep checking the program requirements as it can alter with time.

3.   Choose an advisor who has a reputation for being helpful

You may have an advisor who boasts in-depth knowledge of the subject. But he/she may not capable of providing right advice to you. Then you should give a thought about changing your advisor and choose someone who is capable and competent and have your best interest at heart.

4.   Focus on your dissertation topic

It is noticed that one of the biggest problems that scholars face while developing a dissertation is choosing a dissertation topic. They often come up with a too broad a topic as a consequence and it becomes difficult to conduct research and gather material. It is important that you can sum up your thesis in one sentence. If it is taking two or three sentences, the thesis may need revision. Having a properly focused topic does not necessary happen immediately. However, it helps you limit your research.

5.   Track your time

Many online websites help you to stick to pre-planned schedule. However, you can try stopwatch technique as well. Set a definite amount of time for working every day. Use a stopwatch while working on a dissertation; stop the timer when you are not working on it. Don’t stop working for the day until you hit the quota. You might also try pomodoro management technique.

6.   Keep a victory log

It is seemingly insignificant, but when if you don’t, you will think that you are not making any progress. You can try these on a weekly or monthly basis whichever way you feel comfortable. You often try something new in your dissertation writing, it is frustrating, but feels wonderful when it works.

7.   Keep your inbox super organized

Sort messages into folders immediately after receiving it. For example, you could categorize your folders under the names of Advisor, Research, Teaching, Meetings, Events, Conferences and Social. Mark messages that you cannot read after getting it in your inbox.

8.   Find when you are most productive

People have different working habits. So you need to determine when your energy level and creative quotient stay high. That’s when you need to carry out your task. For example, you feel more focused in late afternoon, that’s’ when you should go through the tedious tasks of dissertation writing services UK.

9.   Do the hardest task first

Start the day with the hardest task and stick to it until it is finished. We are more productive in first half of the working hours. Remember to pick first that will make the biggest contribution to your PhD.

10.             Overcome perfectionism

Reaching perfectionism can be a desire for everyone. But it is also painful at the same time and also a waste of time. If you only aim for meeting standards, your life will be a lot more easier. So discard the obsession for perfection.

11.             Right before going to sleep, think about the hardest problem

Before you go into sleep mode, think about the hardest problem you faced or more perplexing text that needs more clarification. When you wake up, you may have clearer ideas. But remember that it could lead you to insomnia. It works best when you go a little earlier than necessary.

12.             Put motivational quotations on your bathroom mirrors

Among the many motivational quotes, you can use, ‘Don’t stop when you get tired, stop when you are done’. ‘Do something today that your future self will thank for.’ You can use remarks of some eminent personalities as well. ‘Do nothing, say nothing and be nothing’ (Aristotle). ‘Go confidently in the directions of your dreams, live the life you have imagined’ (Thoreau). ‘Strive not be a success, but rather to be of value’ (Einstein).

13.             Consider success as the steps to success

Benjamin Franklin said, ‘I did not fail, I just found out 100 ways to do it wrong.’ Wrong answers are not a dead end in researcher’s life. It is only a turn that you need to take in order to find success. Discovering the ways that do not work in your situation represents that you are making progress towards reaching success in the course.

14.             Check when you are tired

It can be possible that someday you are too tired to write something. You don’t have to push yourself although you did not fulfill the daily quota of working. Instead of writing, you can check quotations, bibliography, etc. And remember to record what you checked to make the progress faster.

15.             Take visual help

When you handle mass data, facts and ideas, you should convert the whole thing into visual representation like diagram or chart. You can use index cards or stick the cards on a magnetic white broad. Move the cards around when needed and draw lines to show relationships among them. Click photos of the whiteboard in a different stage so that you can record the progress of your work and return to the starting point when needed.

16.             One bite a time

You need to take one step at time. Like, instead of thinking of writing the whole dissertation, think of finishing chapters, sections pages and even sentences. Whether you write for certain time limit or at a certain pace, the important thing is to do the work every day.

17.             Don’t let formatting consume your time

Formatting the whole document is a big challenge to complete writing the dissertation. But it gets much easier when you outsource the work to an online dissertation help UK agency or hire an editor to do it. Alternatively, you can find YouTube videos for each formatting challenge you face. For example, you can find a tutorial for the formatting style you are dealing with. Use headline styles in Microsoft word to create Automated Table of Contents. This was you can easily see the structure of your argument and instantly update every time you alter the outline.

18.             Honor the connection between writing and thinking

You have to accept the fact that writing is thinking. Great ideas do not come along after even long hours of arduous musing on the dissertation topic. But brilliant ideas always appear during the course of writing itself – just at the moment when you are staring at seemingly intractable problem and planning to quit. It is you who has to decide what strategy works best for you.

19.             Use technology to sort book in library

You spend quality time in library aisles sorting the books before you decide which ones to use. Every time you go to a library, you spend meticulous hours to find the book that you previously used or take notes from it. Think again, is it really necessary? Instead, use your phone to take photos of book’s copyright pages and key passages. This will be much quicker than using the library scanner or writing notes by hand.

20.             Consider an advice carefully before implementing it

During the course of dissertation writing UK, you are bound to get conflicting advice on your research and your efforts to carry out the task. Don’t get frustrated and do not let this affect your work pace and quality. Weigh the advice carefully; consult with the person for more explanation. After assessing all options, you need to make the best decision. Keep in mind that like everything, academic work is also a complex work. You cannot please everyone at the same time.

21.             Be sure you know when it will end

Sometimes your supervisor or advisor will encourage by saying ‘you are nearly there’. But you need to have a specific idea. Are you three months away? Do you have six months’ work left? Or is it just one month load? You require the information because you will prepare yourself accordingly.

22.             As you reach mini-milestone, celebrate your achievement

When you celebrate your success, you are inspired to make more of it. Every time you hand in a complete chapter or make your way through the thickest notes, reward yourself. It can be anything that you like the most, like a trip to a pub, hot fudge sundae, a new of pair of shoes.

23.             Outsource and barter when you can

Your graphic designer friend is ready to create diagrams and charts for you. In return, you promise to dog-sit for her. You need to proofread the whole document for the last time before submitting it for evaluation. But you have other things that need your immediate attention. In this situation, you can take help from professionals. Pay for the services, in exchange, they will deliver the whole document after proofreading it carefully.

If you have read all the way to the end of the list, that’s a sign that you really want to accomplish your dissertation quickly. Now all that remains is to put these strategies in action and see what works for you. We hope these suggestions will help you reach the finishing line faster. But always remember you need to maintain a balance between the need for speed and other considerations like polishing professional skills. Don’t let dissertation writing UK consume your whole life.

Proficient Websites Introduces Cheap Dissertation Help in UK

Taking professional dissertation help is not a new term for UK students. Many websites provide the necessary assistance but charge unusually high prices for it. These unreasonable prices prevent many students from taking this necessary dissertation assistance.

However, the situation is not that bleak any more. Some of the proficient and credible academic assistance services have introduced cheap dissertation help in UK. It is definitely an opportunity for the students with financial limitations to take this assistance and score high with their dissertations. But reduced prices do not affect the quality of the research papers. The job will be carried out by the same PhD qualified writers and the papers will exhibit impeccability.

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As an educational hub, the UK is the second-most cherished destination after USA. Every year thousands of international students enroll themselves in the different universities of the country to pursue their higher education. Most of these students come to study with scholarships and earn their daily living by working on paltry part-time jobs. These students at the time of their need will be benefitted by this introduction of the affordable dissertation help UK service.

Other than depending on the websites to reduce their prices, these students can take some step themselves in order to reduce the respective prices of the dissertation help UK service. The tips are as follows:

  • Try to book your dissertation order as early as possible. The dissertations with a longer deadline are charged less.
  • Maintain the word limit as stated by the university. Do not assign the writer more pages to write.
  • Make a team of friends and book the orders in a bundle. It will give you a sufficient discount overall.
  • Go for native dissertation writers who can charge much lower rates than the foreign counterparts.
  • Avail the special offers given by the concerned website from time to time and complete the transaction through the secured payment gateways.

Adhering to these effective tips will reduce the charges considerably. But some websites in the name of cheap dissertation assistance deliver inferior quality documents. So, it is important to avail credible and trustworthy websites which has profound experience and gather numerous accolades from the students. All these websites have a 24×7 online chatting and telephonic assistance. The students can contact them at any time to resolve their queries ask the details about their cheap dissertation services.

Be a dissertation master with the help of professionals

It is not a child’s work to write the best dissertation. Great efforts and hard work are required to write the best paper. Unfortunately, students lack both these things and cannot just produce the excellent paper according to the expectations of their teacher. To be a dissertation master, it is important to have a feeling of dedication and commitment.

But well, there are many dissertation masters that are available online to help students. We are talking about professional dissertation writing services that help students in every possible way. These companies hire best of experts who can just write the best content for you.

A good paper can be written by almost everyone, but the most important thing is editing the same. While writing a paper all the things are included in it without thinking what is appropriate and what is not. While doing the editing all these things are taken care of. Dissertation editing services is also provided by these companies. Students who can write their own paper but cannot proofread can approach these companies for their help. All the mistakes including spelling errors, verb use, sentence construction and more will be eliminated from your paper.

So, students can always be assured that their paper will be the best and appreciated by their supervisors. Students should hire the best writing companies to get the best services. So, from now only start your search and choose the best company. Last, before choosing any company do not overlook to compare their rates with other companies.