Dissertation Help with Research Tools for UK Students

dissertation help

It is scary to imagine creating a 50 to 100-page paper similar to a book and submitting it to dissertation committee whose intelligence will decide how much you have achieved through writing. The single best obstacle of completing a dissertation is psychological problem. You need to overcome mental hurdles to accomplish your tasks. Dissertation involves far more research than you have ever done before. To ease your way, we discuss potential research tools that students can use.

Every university has a wealth of research tools through its existence of library collection, subscriptions to online journals. Before subscribing to an expensive online portal, you should check few alternatives or take guidance of dissertation writing help online.

Different research tools:

If you are pre-occupied with many things and have no time to give to decide on research tools, you can take help from dissertation help online services or you can read the following options,

  1. 1.   Online search:

Harvard University allows its researchers to find relevant journals and articles by their names and also articles by its citations. Yes, if you are a researcher in Harvard University, you can easily find a single article from the stack of articles by only mentioning its citations. Like Harvard, many UK universities help researchers to collect and organize references and data from online resources.

  1. 2.   Google scholar:

Using Google scholar, you can get hold of large index of scholarly articles, theses, books and many more. To get most of out it, you can check out Google’s guide to Advanced Scholar Searches.

Dissertation writing experts who write a dissertation on behalf of students greatly use this tool.

  1. 3.   Bibliography manager:

Compiling a bibliography in the certain format can be a difficult task when you are not keeping track while writing. Fortunately, there are few free tools available on the internet to help you organize your citations.

  • Bibdesk is an Open Source Mac App for managing bibliography along with a search feature, import and export facility.
  • Zotero is a browser extension for Firefox, which can automatically sync your data with multiple computers.
  • BiblioExpress is a Windows version for managing bibliographies and citations. It can format your writing in most common referencing style like APA, MLA, Oxford, etc.

  1. 4.   Print search:

Students can get access to several important databases of published theses and dissertations. You can subscribe to a database that provides printed theses and articles. There is also many organizations that give students open access to electronic publishing.

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