What Professors Look for While Marking a Corporate Governance Assignment Essay?

Corporate governance is a crucial concept that management students need to master. In order to prove they have gained a clear understanding of the subject, students need to practice their learned knowledge through academic writing. But many students fail to demonstrate their full potential because they have little knowledge about the grading criteria. Here is a tutorial that contains information on how teachers assess corporate governance assignments and essays while grading. Students, who want to score high in academic writing, will find this information useful not only for writing corporate governance essays, but also for management subjects.

corporate governance assignment essay

Essentials that make a Management essay High-scoring

Each academic task is assessed on certain criteria. Missing one of those elements can disqualify the paper or the writer can lose some valuable marks. So it is important that students understand how they can score high in academic writing.

  • Use of method throughout the paper:

Management assignments require the writer to use certain methods to prove their points. The assessor always checks whether the papers follows certain method to solve given problem or situation. In case study writing, there should a section called ‘problem identification’. In this section, the writer should explain the problem and recommend potential solutions to the problem. The writer fails to do so, may not get desired marks.

  • Use of supporting theory and evidence:

Academic papers are mainly assessed on how well students demonstrate their learning of the subject in the light of existing literature. Evaluator wants to see how the writer is adept with the sources available on the subject. They are also assessed whether they are well-acquainted with the subject and how to apply the learned knowledge into practice. In order to do so, students need to involve supporting theories and evidence to prove each point and idea relevant to the subject. So before start writing the corporate governance assignment, students need to ensure that if they have enough research material on the subject.

  • Properly completed solutions, recommended and implementation:

 Each management paper should have an impactful conclusion. If any problem or question is posed in the introduction, the writer should recommend most suitable solution(s) to the problem. The writer should also explain how the implementation of the recommended suggestion helps any organization or person to resolve the problem. So students need to be clear about their recommendations and explain how the suggestive solution works in a real-life scenario.

  • Consistency in the paper:

The examiners check whether the writer maintains uniformity throughout the paper. Many students focus one section, rather distributing their attention in each section. As a result, the paper loses the consistency. This mistake can cost a few valuable marks of students.  Students need to spend an equal amount of time on each section of the assignment. If they choose three evidence for one idea, they should involve three different evidence for each idea. Paper that lacks consistency is considered to be written in a hurry.

Students focus on perfection of their paper without knowing what a ‘perfect’ assignment is. So it is important that they understand how their papers are assessed.

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