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Have you ever felt a tight clutch around your neck which you cannot get off? I have felt it, not once, but several times in the last week. It was ‘research paper’ time. I was neck deep in books and also in tears. No one was interested in helping me out in this situation. So I started on my own. was the first that came in the search results. Without giving much thoughts, I bought a paper from them. Frankly, I do not regret it. Here’s what I have experienced so far with this company. I will tell you every detail of this company that caught my eyes.

Geographical presence

MyAssignmenthelp reviews

While going to their site, I have seen the site is automatically set to Australia. As I needed help in the UK, I chose UK. I noticed content changes, even the testimonials. This means, they have country centric services to offer. I don’t know how they manage to provide services in different countries. But I believe that my paper was written by some UK writer.

No-hassle in contacting the team

Unfortunately, I do not have the chat record of the time when I have placed the order. But here’s is the screenshot of a chat that I started just a few minutes ago in order to see whether they are really prompt at responding or it was just one of the instances when I placed the order.

MyAssignmenthelp chat reviews

You can see that they replied immediately after I pinged them. And also tried to connect when I did not reply for a few minutes which is a good sign.

When I sat down to write this review, I explored this site like never before. I visited its review page where they have more than 12000 reviews. And the good part is they display all their reviews from good to average or even bad reviews.

MyAssignmenthelp user reviews

MyAssignmenthelp user review

I also took the chance to share my feedback with them, this is my review on their site.

MyAssignmenthelp user reviews on thesis

It seems that they allow everyone to share their feedback, which many companies do not permit. As I have written one of them, I am certain that does not display fake review, so you can trust on these reviews.

These are a few clear proofs that is a legit company, not some fraudulent, hiding its identity.

Free help

I was in super hurry, so did not notice they have a ‘sample’ section too. This a cool stuff. They have an array range of samples displayed on their website. I have chosen thesis and accounting section in order to narrow my search,

MyAssignmenthelp sample reviews

And that’s what I got,

MyAssignmenthelp sample review

Now you can click on ‘read more’ and get access to the sample. I was surprised to see how this simple this is. This is open to all. You can easily use them as a reference while you attempt to write your assignment or thesis. This is superuseful for those students, who are trying their hands in assignment writing for the first time.

While taking a tour to this website, I noticed they have really long list of blog post under their ‘blog’ section. It has some cool stuff such a guide to get into the dream college in the USA or an essential handout for students that a guide to writing awesome problem solution essay.

MyAssignmenthelp blog reviews

If you want to know about something related to academics, you can search it here. They have covered a wide range of topics. has some cool features that anyone can use, here’s one of them,

MyAssignmenthelp order reviews

If you don’t have a paid service for checking plagiarism, and you don’t believe in free trial, you can use this feature. This is good and hassle free. When I uploaded my file for plagi check, they redirceted me to the next step where I had to fill up my personal details,

MyAssignmenthelp personal detail

Once you provide them with the required details, the registered your request. And after scanning the paper for plagi, they send the report to you. I have uploaded one of my old assignments and got my report within one hour. This means, you don’t need to worry about getting your paper rejected due to plagiarism. Moreover, you can produce the report in front of the professor as proof of the authenticity of the paper.

Clear and transparent revision and refund policy:

While buying their services, I never felt the need of reading their revision policy again I was in hurry and I received a perfect copy in the first place. But exploring this site for the sake of students out there, I have gone through their revision and refund policy. They have clearly stated their conditions. It can be a bit harsh you see. It is good that they are honest about it. There’s no hidden agenda here.

MyAssignmenthelp refund policies

What I found so far is they are trying to keep up the good work. No doubt they are doing business and they are focused on earning profits. But at the same time, they are trying everything to make their customers comfortable with their services. So the coming to the last and main question,

Is a reliable website? Should we trust them?

In my opinion, we can give it a try and because I did. And I am not disappointed with the results. I did not surf through any review site or any of reviews. I just placed the order. And I am thankful that I found them at the right moment. Because now what I can see is there are a few scam reviews floating on the internet claiming that is a fake site. But it did not feel like it. So if you are too in dire need of academic assistance, you can go to without the fear of losing your money and most importantly grades.


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